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Management Teams

Management Teams

Mr. CARL MARCUS ISAKSSON is the company’s President / CEO. He has a B.Sc degree in Industrial Engineering Operations Research and petroleum, environmental technology and a strong background in Chemical Engineering. He works as a Principal Partner Engineering and Sciences, a national engineering and environmental consulting firm. Mr. Isaksson has served as a staff project manager, senior writer, and environmental risk assessor.

He is professionally qualified as a Chartered Engineer with Canadian Engineer status and a Chartered Environment. Spoke at numerous industry seminars, conferences, and has also guest lectured on contaminated land/water modules for the Master’s Course.

Among the projects, he worked with and assisted in his efforts with sustainable buildings program was particularly rewarding. The team-oriented collaboration with a multidisciplinary working group, he helped with the development and creation of a product guidance/implementation. The first of its kind in the organization, describing the product a concise, clear strategy for building and asset managers across the department’s eight bureaus and several offices to implement various measures of sustainability (eg, water, energy, and construction projects), and Executive Order and compliance department level. This type of progressive materials are not only crucial to an organization’s environmental impact and the social, environmental, ethical and moral responsibility, it is also deeply inspiring.


JAMES ANDERSON is the field supervisor and Partner.  He graduated with his degree in Business Management; he has worked both in environmental and engineering fields. He is a Professional Land Surveyor (PLS) with many years of experience. He has been part and parcel of the revival and growth of ICM Environmental Services. He has served in a variety of roles throughout his career including project designer, project engineer, lead engineer and technical manager for projects of all levels of complexity. He is a graduate of both Brunei University London and Middle sex University located in north-west London, England.  His to ensure great satisfaction of every project to all client.


JENNIFER  LERMAN  is the Environmental and Planning Data Analyst. He has a background in environmental and engineering services, as well as in surveying.


ELISABETH MARY-ANNA is the research and information officer, She has a B.S. in degree from the University of Western Ontario. She is the company analysis administrator process compliance and improvement.






Permits & Licenses:
Canadian Contractors State License Board: “A” General Engineering Contractor License #709140 with HAZ endorsement
Canadian Department of Consumer Affairs: Hazardous Substance Removal and Remedial Actions Certification #709140
Canadian Environmental Protection Agency: ID #CAD983608258