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Oil Spill Containment

Oil Spill Containment

Oil spill containment is the first and one of the most essential operations of removing spilled oil from water. The purposes of oil spill containment are usually confining oil in order to prevent its spreading, concentration in a closed area with maximum oil layer thickness to facilitate its recovery or burning, protection of sensitive to oil contamination areas, diverting spilled oil to areas convenient for its retrieval or treatment.
Oil spill containment starts as soon as possible after a spill, or as a prevention of damages from potential oil spill. Containment booms serving as mechanical barriers to oil floating on water or spilled on ground, is the most frequently used equipment for oil spill containment.
There is a large variety of containment booms, and a decision about choosing a right boom depends on its purpose, conditions where it is used: offshore, inshore, harbor, river, land, marches and others, methods of booms utilization, methods of boom deployment and retrieval, etc.

Clean up and Remediation of Oil Pollution
We utilise a combination of physico-chemical techniques, including, booms, skimmers, evacuation and bioremediation in the treatment of polluted sites and the result, a phenomenal recovery of contaminated sites to arable farm lands and clean waters or swamps for aquatic life.

Emergency Oil Spill Response and Remediation
Certified Management industrious Environmental Services have demonstrated a high level of professionalism in oil spill response and remediation. Our dedicated spill response team are fully trained and equipped to control land, swamps and off –shore oil pollution incidents.
With our highly experienced and professional partners, we draw on experience in spill response since 1958, covering such high profile spillages as:

    • The Erika spillage for the French Government.

    • The Prestige for the Spanish Government.

    • The Sea Empress spill for the United Kingdom Government.

  • Various other tanker salvage and nature protection operations. 

Emergency Spill Kits
We provide emergency in-shore and off-shore skimmers

    • For use in docks, harbours and close inshore clean-up operations.

    • The package is self-contained in a metal storage container for easy handling and storing of the system when not in use.

    • The ocean mop system is based on the highly successful OPEC e-series range of products.

    • It can vary in size and performance to suit individual needs recovering in excess of 30 tonnes an hour of oil.

    • The mop handles any debris on the water surface.

  • Use of a hydraulic crane enables great versatility in cleaning oily water

We supply

    • Mop skimmers

    • Chain belt skimmers

    • Oil water separators

    • Sorbent materials

    • Oil containment booms

    • Debris barriers

  • Flexible storage containers

Certified Management industrious Environmental Services also offer various technologies for immobilisation of oil spills and toxic chemicals.

Fence Boom

The Fence Boom has good buoyancy. This boom is used for spill containment and oil spill cleanup operation in relatively calm waters with low current. Fence Boom combines one of the best price/performance ratio with high reliability and durability. Fence Booms require very small storage space; can be stored on pallets and containers.

Contractor Boom

Contractor Boom is recommended for use in ports, harbors, inland waters with no strong current and some waves. It is a multi-purpose device made for various spill response situations. The boom has very good buoyancy; it is a cost effective containment device, which characterized by high performance, reliability, and durability

Air Boom

Air Boom is perfect choice where it is used frequently and in situations with limited manpower. High buoyancy of the boom is provided by air inside the boom body. The Air Booms require small storage space and may be easily transported. The booms can be inflated with high volume and low pressure pumps and blowers.