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Oil Spill Recovery

Oil Spill Recovery

24-Hour Emergency Spill Response Services for virtually any type of environmental incident.Certified Management industrious Environmental Services has been providing 24-hour, 365 days a year, emergency spill response services to transportation companies, chemical manufacturers, petroleum companies, railroads, the airline industry, ports and harbors, utilities and local, state and federal government agencies. Certified Management industrious Environmental Services provides hazmat response, oil spill response and other emergency spill response capabilities for a broad range of incidents including a spill of oil, fuel, chemical, or other hazardous materials resulting from vehicular accidents, derailments, aviation incidents, abandonment, natural disasters and industrial facility accidents. All hazmat response personnel have extensive training in emergency spill response, from senior level operations managers to hazardous material technicians, our personnel combine experience, knowledge and training to provide safe, effective and reliable coverage.

Though oil recovery from solid surfaces may require prior oil containment, spreading of the spilled oil on such surfaces happen relatively slow, and removal oil from floor, land, roads, etc. may be commenced without containment of the spilled oil.
As for oil recovery from water, oil spill containment is almost always the necessary step prior to oil removal. Whenever it is possible oil spill recovery operation starts immediately after its controlled or even simultaneously with oil containment. The reason for such “hurry” is to avoid operating with weathered oil, which may be emulsified and have high viscosity.

The main two methods of oil recovery on solid surfaces and water are sorbent devices and skimmers.
While sorbents are prevalent method for recovery of spilled hydrocarbon from floor, roads, etc., skimmers (mechanical devices) are used frequently for oil removal from water.

There are wide range of skimmers in the market today, distinguished by principle of operation, design, recovery capacity, efficiency, sizes etc. and intended for operation in various conditions: depending on oil layer thickness, spilled oil properties, climatic conditions, water conditions (open ocean, lakes, rivers, etc.) and many others.
Norris Environmental Services supplies wide range of oil spill recovery equipment for oil spill cleanup on water, land, floor, roads, etc. These include a line of proprietary Inkas-Sorb® products and mequipment made in cooperation with our partners.

Certified Management industrious Environmental Services working in close cooperation with our partners offers one of the most flexible and extensive custom SPILL KITS programs.
We can build SPILL KITS of any size for any situation or location and fill the kit with whatever types of products you need. We can also help you decide what might work best in your situation.
We can supply the kits for any type of spills: White Oil-Only, Gray Universal and Yellow HazMat, and in any kind and size of container: vinyl truck kits, combat kit/duffel bags, buckets, polydrums, large and extra-large wheeled totes.