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Oil Vessel Reservoirs Cleaning

Oil Vessel Reservoirs Cleaning

Certified Management industrious Environmental Services In cooperation with our partners presents “MegaMacs” a self-contained oil vessels and reservoirs cleaning system. System can process different types of petroleum sludge. System includes MegaMacs Main and optional Centrifuge mobile units. – MegaMacs Main Unit – extracts sludge, preliminary separates sludge and cleans the tank to the level of readiness for welding repairs. Choice of cleaning agent (water or cutter stock) depends on the product stored in tank before cleaning. Production capacity is up to 15 cubic meters/hr. of sludge removed.
– MegaMacs Three-Phase Centrifuge unit (Optional) – further separates mix (oil, water, solids) which was received after Main unit process. Three phase output content depends on initial sludge composition and customer requirements. Production capacity is 15 cubic meters/hr.

Both units are completely mobile and energy independent (diesel fuel only). They are moved around by a regular truck with 5th wheel device. As units finished cleaning one oil storage tank they are trucked to another one. Time for mobilization is 3 hrs. and demobilization is 3.5 hrs. Units operate from relatively leveled off road pad outside bund-wall, up to 150 meters from the tank.

    • Reduced cost of cleaning per cubic meter.
    • Improved tanks turn over by faster cleaning.
    • Reduction of environmental impact.
    • Reduction of disposable toxic fraction (10 times).
    • Production of sellable byproduct.
    • Improved safety.
    • System has no electrical devices.
    • Improved working conditions.
    • Minimized preparation and construction cost.
    • Utilities on site are NOT required.

The technology was employed for tanks from 5,000 to 120,000 cubic meters. Oldest system is 16 years in operation and still running at full capacity. The best available off shelf components are used in the system assembly which makes it easy to maintain with readily available spare parts.